Saki Skyfallen

The dead are so very, very loud. And yet, lying is not in their nature. It is so... humbling, to listen to the dead speak.


Name: Saki Skyfallen
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Female
Age: 23
Race: Keeper of the Moon
Occupation: Gladiator
Nameday:18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Affiliations: The Immortal Flames, Scions of the Seventh Dawn, House Fortemps

Saki Skyfallen is a Keeper of the Moon Gladiator from Ul'dah. She holds the rank of Honorary Flame Captain in the Immortal Flames. Well known for her brute strength and durability, those who have underestimated and challenged her in those aspects have come to regret their decisions.Out of combat, however, she is averse to unnecessary conflicts. She can be seen wandering around Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa, or having a drink in a bar. Saki can be flirty, trying to incite a reaction from whoever has her attention at that moment.

The Fall of Dalamud

Saki hails from the woods beyond East Thanalan. Showing up at the gates of Uldah with nothing but a used sword on her belt, her story begins with only one goal: To seek the thrill of battle.

Ul'dah, home of the Gladiators

Rising up to the challenge in the Coliseum, Saki's notoriety earned her the stage name "The Bull". Her savage performance scaring even the most hardened of veterans; and her unhealthy obssession over The Bull of Ala Mhigo.


During her exile in Ishgard, she was taken in and cared for by the House Fortemps. A relic of her time in Ishgard she stubbornly holds onto wherever she goes, the House Fortemps shield.

The Grand Melee

Going toe to toe with the then Flame General Raubahn, Saki got the fight she was craving for. Winning it was just the cherry on top. Recognized by the General himself, she was awarded the honorary role of an officer among the Immortal Flames.


In her travels to the Far East, she met a kitten by the name of Ruby Kurosawa. Said kitten can sometimes be seen tagging along Saki in the city-states.

Scourge of the Ghimlyt

During the conflict in the Ghimlyt, an incident occured in which Saki was sent in with a small scouting squad, ambushed by three battalions of Garleans. Only Saki was found to be alive after the battle, her carnage of the three battalions watched through the machines. It was repulsive enough earning her the name "Scourge of the Ghimlyt" among the Garleans watching the footage.

Return from the First

Saki's journey in the first was marked by a peculiar souvenir, a helmet picked off the ground in the phantom city of Amaurot.

The Bozjan Conflict

The Bozjan conflict was the second full-scale war Saki was involved in, solidifying her place as the Bozjan Demon. Alongside Huntar Snowpeak, they drove the Garlean frontline before she was called back by the Scions.


> Skyfallen is part of her stage name in the Coliseum.
> Her body is covered in scars from both combat and previous partners
> Saki's rank of Honorary Flame Captain is only a title. She does not have any influence within the organization.
> Saki prefers the heat of Thanalan over the cold of Ishgard.
> Saki loves dragons, but otherwise hates birds.
> If near a grave or a shrine to a warrior felled in battle, she can be seen kneeling to pay respect. No matter the allegiance of the deceased.